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Our Community

We are grateful for our community of supporters who put their best foot forward to uplift aspiring STEM students.

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  • Photo of Cesar Mercedes Bello

    Cesar Mercedes Bello

    Oakwood University


  • Photo of Demaiya Seymour

    Demaiya Seymour

    Spelman College


  • Photo of Aline Tuyishime

    Aline Tuyishime

    Oakwood University


  • Photo of Zion Raphael

    Zion Raphael

    Oakwood University


accept the challenge!!!

`Whether you are an HBCU alum/student, STEM graduate, or just passionate about education, this run/walk is for you! Register now to join our next event to support STEM education at these crucial institutions. Event registration and donations are hosted via our HBCU STEMER Run Signup page.`

Race participants running towards the camera.